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Advertising in Offshore [Russia]

The target audience of the Offshore [Russia] magazine: top-management of largest oil and gas companies, international energy corporations, service companies, chief engineers, technologists and leading scientists. Suppliers of equipment and materials, construction companies, shipbuilders and rig builders, ship-owners and many others study the issues of offshore oil and gas development.

Our managers are ready to help you plan and exercise your advertising and PR-campaigns, special projects and other types of promotion of technologies and brands. We provide print and digital versions of magazine along with Internet resources and social networks as a running platform for your materials.

Advertising Managers:

Evelina Semenova
Tel.: +7 (495) 228 34 75 (# 371)

Maria Garelik
Tel.: +7(495) 228-34-75 (# 370)

Prices for the advertisement in the Offshore [Russia]

Ad location(s) Dimensions (mm) Price, USD
4th cover 200x265 7,800
2nd cover 200x265 7,200
2nd covers + 1 page 200x265 + (200x265) 9,400
3rd cover 200x265 7,200
Page before the index 200x265 6,250
1 page 200x265 3,125
2 page spread 200x265 + (200x265) 5,000
1/2 of a page 174x112, 85x227 2,030
1/3 of a page 174x70, 59,5x227 1,400
1/4 of a page 174x55, 85x115 780

Special discounts are provided for the bundle publication in Offshore [Russia], Oil & Gas Journal Russia, and original American magazines.

Conditions for submitting materials:

Original layout material are accepted from the following storages:
CD/DVD ROM; USB Flash; external USB/FireWire storage.

The format of materials TIFF; Photoshop EPS; Illustrator EPS (all fonts must be in curves).
We do not accept CorelDRAW and QuarkXPress files.
The format of the whole page: 200x265 mm